Fabricant: Duet3D
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    The Duex2 has the following features:

    • 2 additional TMC2660 stepper motor drivers with stall notification.
    • 2 additional extruder heater outputs.
    • 2 servo outputs with 5V power and 5V signal levels, sharing control channels with the heaters, so you can use unused heater channels to drive servos.
    • 2 additional endstop inputs with indicator LEDs and 3.3V/5V voltage selection. These are also usable as outputs.
    • 2 additional controlled fan outputs, also usable for driving LEDs etc. The output voltage may be switched between 5V, 12V and VIN.
    • 4 uncommitted general purpose I/O pins.
    • 12V switching regulator, for generating a 12V supply for fans, LEDs etc. when the VIN power is higher than 12V.
    • 2 additional thermistor inputs.
    • Support for 2 more thermocouple or PT100 daughter boards, supporting up to 4 more sensors.
    • Optional 5V external power input for powering servos, fans etc.