Delta Smart Effector

Fabricante: Duet3D
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    Smart Effector

    The Smart Effector for delta printers allows the hotend to be used as a Z probe giving fantastic accuracy across the whole delta build area by eliminating the effect of tilt. It uses precision PCB manufacturing to ensure equal hole spacing between the effector and the carriages on the towers, further improving accuracy.

    • Supplied with a custom machined e3d v6 heatsink (produced by e3d on our behalf).
    • Supplied with 3 PCB carriage adapters with 20mm mounting hole spacing compatible with common linear rails and wheel carriages.
    • Compatible with Haydn Huntley’s Magball delta arms.
    • The smart effector simplifies wiring of hotend components with plug connectors from thermistor and fans along with a screw terminal for the heater cartridge. Molex and microfit connections are then used for wiring looms back to the control electronics. Crimp pins and housings are supplied for all connections
    • Optionally a genuine e3d V6 kit with PT100 or thermistor can be added, not including the heatsink as that is supplied as standard. (24V availabe by default)
    • On board LEDs for print illumination are compatible with either 12V or 24V power supplies with a jumper selecting the voltage.