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    Create Your Fun!

    The Polaroid Play 3D pen is a fun product, ideal for creating your own unique gifts, homeware, jewellery, models, toys… the possibilities are endless.

    Create your fun by building your own freehand 3D models.

    Use the unique Polaroid Play Trace App to stencil your own photographs and then bring them to life in 3D.

    Alternatively trace existing or imported templates and then assemble the parts together to create a 3D model.

    Features multiple print speed settings for greater flexibility in model creation, including slow settings for free-drawing in the air.



    Polaroid Play 3D Pen Filament
    (20 colours)


    Contains 20 x 15g (5m) PLA Filament packs in 20 fantastic colours, for use in the Polaroid Play 3D Pen or any suitable PLA 3D Pen


    Each box contains 20 x 15g (5m) PLA plastic filament packs in 20 fantastic colours


    All vacuum packed to keep them in perfect condition until ready to use


    Each 15g pack lasts approximately half an hour of continuous drawing


    PLA plastic is an environmentally friendly bio-compostable plastic made from corn starch


    Each 15g pack contains standard 1.75mm diameter material


    Box includes 4 fantastic fluorescent colours for creating models that glow under UV light


    The Polaroid Play 3D filaments can be used with ANY suitable 3D PLA Pen and designed for use in the Polaroid Play 3D Pen